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Lucy McBath’s Tax Liabilities Are Adding Up … But Her Story Doesn’t
  Lucy has some explaining to do …. Numerous contradictions between Lucy McBath’s public statements and public records raise serious... [Read More]
Handel For Congress
October 19, 2018
New Records Raise Additional Tax Questions For Lucy McBath
  Lucy McBath has even MORE explaining to do. Lucy McBath and her husband claimed homestead exemptions on multiple homes in Georgia... [Read More]
Handel For Congress
October 17, 2018
Handel Enters Final Stretch With Almost $1 Million Cash On Hand
  Karen Handel’s campaign today filed the financial disclosure for the third quarter of 2018, reporting $978,693 cash on hand... [Read More]
Handel For Congress
October 15, 2018
Karen Handel calls on Lucy McBath to prove where she pays her taxes
  Today, Karen Handel issued the following statement: “Lucy McBath has twice stated publicly that her husband is a permanent... [Read More]
Handel For Congress
October 12, 2018
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