Health Care

Obamacare is the single biggest intrusion into the lives of Americans in decades.  Healthcare costs and insurance premiums have skyrocketed.  Obamacare must be repealed and replaced with market-based, patient-centered reforms.

The current GOP proposal working its way through the House of Representatives remains a work in progress, but it is on the right track.  It eliminates the individual mandate and related fines and repeals most of the taxes, including the medical device tax, and the so-called "HIT" tax.

The final version needs to treat Georgia and other states that did not expand Medicaid in an equitable way.  Further, the current proposal includes an "age tax" that should be eliminated.

True national security means securing our borders.  The current immigration system is broken, and we MUST fix it. We need to build a wall along our southern border, demand immigration laws be enforced, improve the reliability of temporary visa programs, and create a viable guest worker program. While I understand and appreciate that we are a nation of immigrants, and believe we should be welcoming of those wish to migrate to our great country, we are also a nation of laws, and our laws must be respected.
The United States and Israel share a remarkable friendship. Our shared objectives to defeat terrorism, prevent nuclear build-up in the region, and achieve sustainable peace in the region are foundational to our bond. At the same time, the US and Israel also have deep economic ties, with Israel being one of the top 20 direct investors in the US and more than 200 U.S. companies active in Israel.

The U.S.-Israel alliance remains critical as threats to both nations and our people continue to grow. From a nuclear-armed Iran, ISIS, and expanding military capabilities of Hamas, Hezbollah, and Iran, the U.S. – Israel military partnership is integral to maintaining a stabilizing and protective force in the region.
Jobs and the Economy

After 8 years of the Obama Administration's growth stifling policies, our economy -- and American families -- has suffered.  Certainly, the economy has rebounded but it has been more of an economic reset -- with lower growth and stagnated wages -- than a real recovery.  Onerous, punitive regulations, costly red tape, and a complex tax structure with rates that are too high are limiting business expansion and job growth.  And, wages have not yet fully recovered with many continuing to earn less than they did prior to the so-called Great Recession and still others who have given up on finding work altogether.

As a former business executive and CEO of the North Fulton Chamber of Commerce, I know first hand how to create jobs and enact aggressive economic development policies.  I believe that the only way we can grow our economy at a more robust pace is through lower taxes and fewer regulations.

As a member of Congress, I will fight for a fairer simpler tax structure with lower rates for families and businesses.  I will also work aggressively to achieve passage of legislation to implement a complete, rolling audit of all regulations -- agency by agency -- along with a 10 year sunset rule for regulations.

I believe that we need to preserve and protect Medicare for current seniors and protect Medicare for future generations. It is unacceptable that Democrats raided the Medicare program with $716 billion in cuts to pay for Obamacare.
National Defense / Veterans

According to the United States Constitution, one of the central purposes of the federal government is to provide for the common defense of our nation and its people. No country is safe, nor any economy sound, without the backing of an extraordinarily strong military. I support President Trump's budget proposal to increase national defense spending, and I will continue to fight to ensure that our military has the tools and resources it needs to keep us safe.

As we work to ensure that today's men and women in the military have the resources they need to do their jobs and keep us safe, we also have an obligation to our veterans.  I will be an advocate for these heroes and their families.

I am Pro-life and believe that life begins at conception.  We have made significant strides in fostering a Pro-life culture.  Still, more must be done.  I am proud to be the only candidate in this race to be endorsed by Susan B. Anthony List, and I am also certified by the Georgia Life Alliance.
Our tax code is way too complex and even punitive.  According to the National Taxpayers Union, compliance with the existing tax code costs Americans $234 billion in economic lost every year. This is simply unacceptable. I support a simpler, fairer, tax code that promotes economic growth, as well as reforms that promote the repatriation of overseas profits.
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