The Debt & Federal Spending

Our country’s staggering $22 Trillion debt is a grave threat to our national security.  In 2017, we knew that the first two steps were to get the economy going and rebuild our military.  Now that we’ve made progress on both of those fronts, it’s time to get our fiscal house in order.  One important budget tool that will fundamentally change the way Congress does the business of the people is to require a balanced budget.  That’s why I co-sponsored legislation to amend our Constitution to do just that.

In Congress, I will continue to fight to pass this important reform, along with the “No Budget No Pay for Congress” bill.  While it won’t be easy to cut spending, crack down on fraud, eliminate duplication, and reform entitlement programs, each year the debt goes unchecked, the task becomes that much more daunting.  Let’s deal with the debt today and protect tomorrow for generations to come.