Health Care

Americans need a healthcare system that is affordable and accessible.  Unfortunately, the ACA is just not working for too many Americans.  The answer is not more government control – like the Democrat plan for “Medicare for All” that will force you into government-run healthcare and make your work insurance plan illegal.  What we need are market-driven, patient-centered solutions that give you more choices for insurance plans, doctors, and even how you pay for your healthcare.   New approaches – like direct contract primary care – are injecting much-needed competition into the healthcare space.   More competition and real cost transparency will help lower costs.

I will also fight to ensure that those with pre-existing conditions are not left out OR priced out.  That’s why I co-sponsored the Pre-Existing Conditions Protection Act.

I understand that our country’s network of Community Health Centers (CHCs) are a critical part of healthcare access and affordability for our vulnerable populations, and I will continue to fight for adequate funding for these centers.