Immigration & Securing the Border

Our immigration system is broken, and the crisis at our Southern border continues to intensify.  Our current immigration system rewards those who break our laws, while punishing those who follow the laws.  So, where do we start?  We start by enforcing existing laws and by securing the Southern border.

I served on the Judiciary Committee where I played a key role on this important issue.  I worked with my colleagues in committee and the full House to advance numerous bills to strengthen our immigration system, including: $75B to fund the border wall and other security measures, No Sanctuary for Criminals Act to crack down on sanctuary cities by denying certain federal funds, Kate’s Law to increase penalties for criminal aliens who re-enter our country illegally, and the Criminal illegal Alien Gang Member Removal Act to stop violent illegal alien gang members from re-entering our country.

In Congress, I will continue to aggressively push for border security and funding for the wall, support for our ICE and Border Patrol personnel, and a system that is fairer and more expeditious for those seeking to come to our country legally.