Karen Handel Campaign Releases New TV Ad

(Alpharetta) – With one week to go, the Karen Handel campaign released a new TV ad today highlighting Karen’s focus on the voters of the 6th District, unlike her opponent Jon Ossoff who has raised millions from Democrats outside of Georgia.


“Jon Ossoff has raised millions from outside that state of Georgia from people with different values,” said Handel Spokeswoman Kate Constantini. “As a Nancy Pelosi puppet in Congress, he won’t represent the people of the 6th District. The voters need Karen Handel, someone they can trust to always put their interests first.”

Sometimes our choices are clear

I have a proven record in the private sector and in public service

Experience I want to put to work for you

My opponent doesn’t live here…doesn’t share our values

He’s raised millions outside Georgia from Nancy Pelosi and outsiders who just don’t share our priorities

He wants to make it about them, it should be about you

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