Karen Handel: Clear Winner from WSB Debate

In case you missed the WSB debate last night, Karen Handel had a clear-cut victory against dangerous liberal Jon Ossoff.

Check out some of Karen’s highlights during the debate:


  • Ossoff Doubled Down On His Support for the Iran Deal.
  • Ossoff Was Caught Lying About His Outside Contributions.
  • U.K. Small Business Owner Ossoff Would Not Commit to Tax Reform for Georgia Families and Businesses.
  • Ossoff Confirmed His Support for ObamaCare Which Has Increased Premiums on Georgia Families.
  • Ossoff Doubled Down On His Plan That Could Close Military Bases And Destroy Georgia Jobs.


AJC’s Kyle Wingfield Says Ossoff’s “Act” Looks “Pretty Gimpy” Next To Handel’s Experience.  “The first debate between Democrat Jon Ossoff and Republican Karen Handel was Tuesday night, and it’s pretty clear there are two reasons Ossoff didn’t want to be in a debate that would have been sponsored by the Atlanta Press Club and nationally televised on CNN. The first is that he surely didn’t want too many of his supporters back in California, Massachusetts and New York to see him playing budget-and-defense-hawk. But the second, and more important, is that none of his act makes up for the fact his promises to work across the aisle and be fiscally responsible look pretty gimpy next to Handel’s list of things she’s actually done on both counts.” (AJC6/7/2017)

Ossoff “Probably Wasn’t Happy With The Debate’s Disproportionate Focus On National And International Issues.”“Ossoff probably wasn’t happy with the debate’s disproportionate focus on national and international issues. He declined to participate in the Atlanta Press Club debate for this very reason, but found himself in a debate that could have easily been aired by CNN. He didn’t help himself by bringing up Iran when given the opportunity to distance himself from a position held by President Obama.” (AJC6/7/2017)

AJC Says “Handel Was Powerful When Discussing The Pre-Existing Medical Condition Of Her Sister.” (AJC6/7/2017)

Mark Rountree Says Handel Won The Debate. “Ultimately, Karen Handel won because she connected on an emotional level, particularly when talking about her sister and her positions on Iran, while Mr. Ossoff did not really connect emotionally with voters on anything.” (AJC6/7/2017)

Handel Said Ossoff Was A “Tool Of Nancy Pelosi.” “Republican Karen Handel insisted repeatedly during a debate Tuesday that Jon Ossoff, her opponent in Georgia’s 6th Congressional District, is a tool of House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi and “the most liberal elements of the Democratic Party.” Handel mentioned the California Democrat about a dozen times in less than an hour as she and Ossoff met two weeks ahead of a June 20 special election in metro Atlanta’s typically conservative northern suburbs.” (AP6/7/2017)

Washington Times: Handel Calls Ossoff A Tool Of National Democrats In Georgia Debate (Washington Times, 6/7/2017)

Daily Caller Says “Ossoff Struggled Through A Brutal Four Minutes” Trying To Explain His Residency Issues. “Democratic congressional candidate Jon Ossoff struggled through a brutal four minutes in Georgia’s special election debate Tuesday night after Republican Karen Handel called him out for not living in the district he is hoping to represent.”(Daily Caller6/7/2017)

Washington Examiner: Karen Handel Blasts Jon Ossoff As Pelosi Clone While Trump Rarely Comes Up (Washington Examiner6/7/2017)

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