Karen Handel Releases First Ad of Campaign

Karen Handel released the first digital ad of the campaign this morning. The ad, titled “Lightweight Liberal”, highlights the tax-and-spend agenda behind Jon Ossoff’s chief supporters – Nancy Pelosi and Steny Hoyer.


Nancy Pelosi and liberal Democrats from across the country are desperately trying to take back Georgia’s 6th District. As they parade around their liberal lightweight, it’s time they finally got the message: we don’t want their extreme agenda of Obamacare, higher taxes, and job-killing regulations!

Nancy Pelosi’s hand-picked candidate, Jon Ossoff, who doesn’t even live in the district is not one of us and cannot be trusted to stand up for Georgia’s 6th District. It is clear by the overwhelming support from D.C. liberals, Ossoff would be nothing more than another Pelosi lackey in Congress falling in line with House Democrats and out of touch with Georgia values.

With a past record producing propaganda for Al Jazeera and advising his employer on the potential dangers of Guam tipping over into the Pacific, Ossoff doesn’t have the experience needed to represent Georgia.

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