Lucy McBath has some explaining to do


Lucy McBath has some explaining to do.

In a May primary debate with the Atlanta Press Club, Lucy McBath twice stated that her husband is a “permanent resident” of Tennessee. Mrs. McBath, in that same debate, also stated that she had moved “briefly” to Tennessee because of a family emergency.

Yet, Curtis McBath has been claiming a homestead exemption on their Marietta home since 2002. A “permanent resident” of Tennessee cannot legally claim a homestead exemption – and thus avoid paying property taxes – in Georgia.

These facts raise serious questions:

When exactly did Lucy McBath “move” to Tennessee? When exactly did she move back to Georgia?

Has Curtis McBath moved back to Georgia? If not — and if he is, as Lucy has stated, a “permanent resident” of Tennessee, why is he improperly claiming a Cobb County homestead exemption? And, for how many years has the McBath family been receiving the Cobb County homestead exemption improperly? How much did they avoid in taxes?

If these questions were not enough to raise real issues about whether the McBaths’ are gaming the system, there are more.

Curtis and Lucy McBaths’ vehicles are registered in Blount County, Tennessee, and Curtis McBath remains a registered voter in Tennessee. Both of these facts offer further evidence to support Lucy’s statement that Curtis is indeed a permanent resident of Tennessee and, therefore, ineligible for the Cobb County homestead exemption.

So which is it Lucy? Did you not tell the truth during the May debate about your family’s Tennessee residence? Or has your family been taking a homestead exemption you’re not entitled to?

The kids in the schools funded by Cobb County property taxpayers deserve to know the answer on whether of your property taxes have been properly paid.

Lucy, you’ve got a lot of explaining to do.

Mason Rainey – Handel For Congress

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