Lucy McBath Lies About Karen’s Record


Lucy McBath says she’s against “Outside Money.” Yet, she continues to hide behind these groups and the lies they are spreading about Karen Handel and her record. 

The latest – the “Center for Voter Information” mailer sent to 6th District voters this week falsely claimed that Karen Handel does not support requiring health insurance to cover individuals with pre-existing conditions. That’s just an outright lie.


Karen Handel co-sponsored H.R. 1121, the Pre-existing Conditions Protection Act. It is a stand-alone bill specifically designed to protect those with pre-existing conditions regardless of the fate of Obamacare in Congress or in the courts.

This bill maintains requirements for health insurance companies to cover pre-existing conditions and accepts all employers and individuals applying for coverage. It prohibits insurers from excluding benefits or increasing premiums based upon pre-existing conditions.

Lucy McBath’s solution is the Democrat’s “Medicare for all” scheme that will eliminate employer-sponsored health insurance and end Medicare as we know it. It’s a $33 trillion government takeover of your health care. 

With Lucy’s plan for a government-run health care system, it’s no wonder the outside groups like her employer Everytown and partisan organizations like Citizen for Voter Information are lying about Karen Handel’s record. They know the truth: Lucy’s plans are just too radical for Georgia’s Sixth District.

Karen has consistently stressed the need to protect those with pre-existing conditions.  Her sister was born with a life-threatening condition that has been at the forefront of her family’s health care concerns. She’s been an advocate for those with pre-existing conditions and won’t stop fighting for them.

You may even remember Karen’s sister from this ad where Karen speaks directly about the importance of protecting pre-exisiting conditions to her, her family, and to you.

It’s a shame Lucy and her lying friends from the outside groups can’t tell the truth. Karen Handel has been direct and consistent on this issue. You just can’t trust Lucy McBath.  

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Mason Rainey,

Campaign Manager

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