Lyin’ Lucy McBath Won’t Pay Her Taxes, Wants To Raise Your Taxes


Lucy McBath still can’t explain her tax scams.

Her family has claimed an improper property tax break from Cobb County since she and her husband have been married. Cobb County’s tax commission has revoked this exemption and began an audit. You can see the letter here. If fraud is found, the McBaths could be found liable for double taxes for up to seven years.

Lucy McBath says she moved back to Georgia in 2017. If that’s the truth, why do Lucy’s vehicles still have Tennessee license plates? Georgia law requires that vehicles be registered in Georgia within 30 days of moving here. And, a 7% car tax is owed too. So, which is it, Lucy? Are you really still living in Tennessee? OR have you skipped out on thousands of dollars of taxes owed here in Georgia?

We don’t know where Lucy files her income taxes, and she refuses to show voters the address on her returns. On multiple occasions, Lucy has stated publicly that her husband is a “permanent resident” of Tennessee — where there is NO state income tax. Her own personal financial disclosure document says that her vehicles are registered in Tennessee. So, it is a reasonable conclusion that the McBaths are using their Tennessee home as their residence for the purposes of filing their income taxes — thereby evading paying as much as $14,700 a year in taxes here in Georgia (based on 2017 income).

Despite Lucy’s refusal to pay some of her own taxes and claiming improper tax breaks, Lucy McBath and her liberal, out of state donors want to raise your taxes.

Lucy calls the tax cuts passed with Karen Handel’s vote and signed into law by President Trump a “scam.” California Senator Kamala Harris, who has endorsed McBath and is helping her campaign, has introduced a bill to repeal the Trump tax cuts. That would increase taxes on the average Sixth District family of four by over $4,400 per year and increase taxes on our small businesses.

Worse, the Democrats are planning massive increases in spending. Their plans for a government takeover of your health care would make private employer-provided health insurance illegal and cost $32.6 TRILLION dollars over ten years. That could double all of our taxes while taking away all of our choices in health care.

Lucy McBath: Won’t pay her own taxes, but will raise yours!

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