Police under siege. Violence soars. McBath silent.


With law enforcement under siege amid calls to defund the police, gun violence is spiking in Atlanta. This weekend, an innocent 8-year-old girl was senselessly and tragically murdered, and 60 vandals ransacked the Georgia State Patrol headquarters. Liberals like Lucy McBath remain silent about these predictable results of lawlessness, anarchy and chaos. But Karen Handel is speaking out and supports Gov. Brian Kemp’s deployment of the National Guard troops to restore the peace and protect neighborhoods.


“It should not have taken the murder of Secoriea Turner for the City of Atlanta to know you can’t ‘mediate’ a standoff with armed criminals intent on chaos and violence,” said Handel. “This heartbreaking, senseless death of a little girl compounds tragedy upon tragedy, and we as a community must draw a line in the sand between those who protest peacefully and those focused solely on instilling fear in our neighborhoods. I commend Gov. Kemp for his commitment to protect our communities if the city can’t or won’t.


“Lucy McBath marched last month alongside a poster that proclaimed, ‘Some KKK Wear Hoods, but Most Wear A Uniform and Badge.’ Yet, she’s silent about the 93 shootings that have taken place in Atlanta over the last month because it doesn’t fit the liberal narrative that the answer is to defund the police.”

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Handel has supported peaceful protests and protestors and called for passage of the police reform bill put forward by Sen. Tim Scott (R-S.C).


“Republicans want police reforms that protect families, neighborhoods, and main street businesses.  Democrats want to villainize law enforcement and defund our local police departments. The escalating violence in our communities is a glimpse of what happens when elected officials echo the calls of the mob. The police officers are saying publicly that they’re afraid to do their jobs. When the Thin Blue Line of law enforcement is erased, it’s law-abiding citizens – and beautiful, innocent children like Secoriea – who are left unprotected.


“Mayor Bottoms now says ‘Enough is enough.’ No, enough was enough weeks ago, and now we’re paying a terrible price for giving criminals a seat at the negotiating table.


“While my opponent Lucy McBath does nothing to offend the anti-police sentiments of her New York and California donors, I am standing with our law enforcement and standing for safe communities for our families.”