Karen Handel was sworn into Congress on June 26, 2017.  In just over a year, she has delivered on campaign promises and worked hard for Sixth District citizens to develop a record of results:

Taxes and The Economy:
Karen promised to cut taxes to get the economy growing.  She did.  The results?

Companies are investing and hiring, wages are increasing, and 6th District families are earning more and keeping more.  The economy is on a strong foundation, and there’s more to come.

Karen promised to work with state and local leaders to solve traffic problems, and make sure that Washington was a partner with local efforts.  She did. The result?

Karen will continue to make sure major transportation decisions are made locally, and that Washington will bring resources to those efforts.

Karen understands the threat to our families that opioids have added to the addiction crisis, and that the Sixth District is the epicenter of the problem in Georgia.  Karen promised to act. She did. The results? 

State and Local elected leaders, first responders, and leaders from our civic and charitable organizations are on the front lines, dealing with this issue every day.  Karen will continue to not only bring much needed resources to the table, but will continue facilitating open conversations to determine what is working, and what is still needed to end this crisis.

Human Trafficking:
Karen has promised, “I am committed to stopping human trafficking.”  She went to work. The results?

This bill was a great start, but there is more to do.  Karen understands that human trafficking preys upon those most vulnerable, who often have few other options.  She will continue to combat the problem, and find ways to assist the victims.

School Safety:
Our students and their parents’ focus needs to be on learning.  As such, their school must be a safe and protected environment.  Karen asked questions of our schools, and then acted.  The results?

Our schools have administrators that are well trained, and with additional funds from Washington, are getting the resources they need to fully address security concerns.  In addition, root problems like mental health have received additional funding while existing systems that should catch at risk individuals before they become a threat are being reviewed and upgraded.

National Security:
Karen promised to invest in our military, both in the men and women who volunteer to wear our uniforms, and in the systems and programs they need to keep them battle ready to protect our freedoms.  She did.  The results?

Our military should not be literally savaging museums for spare parts, and our men and women in uniform should be confident that they can provide for their families.  Our defense funding bills reflect that those that put their lives on the line for us are a top priority.

Veterans took an oath to protect us and our freedom. Karen pledged to keep the promises we made to them in return.  She has.  The results?

Karen continues to work with Veterans and with officials from the Veterans Administration to ensure that the promises we made to them are promises kept.

Defending Israel:
Our country has deep ties to Israel from the days of its creation, and those ties remain as important today for the promise that Israel represents.  Karen has promised to keep and defend these ties, and the country itself.  She has.  The results?

Our bond with Israel will not be broken on Karen’s watch.

Border Security:
Karen has pledged to fix our broken immigration system, beginning with securing our border.  While there is still much to be done, progress has been made.  The results? 

A secure border is not only key to our immigration system, but to stopping the flow of many of the dangerous drugs that fuel our addiction crisis, as well as adds to our human trafficking problem.  Above all, we owe it to those that worked through our legal processes to become citizens to ensure that there is one process, and one path to those that wish to come into our country.

Karen has had a long personal and public commitment to life.  She has always pledged and remains steadfast in her beliefs and her actions.  The results?

That’s a strong record of results for just over one year in office.  But more important that the actual record is that these are promises kept.  Karen Handel does what she says and says what she’s going to do.  She has done so for all of her years in public office, in corporate life, and in service to our community.  And, when re-elected, she’ll continue to do so as OUR member of Congress.

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